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  • Notice of AGM, 2019

    Scrutinizer's Report AGM 2014 Hon’ble High Court , Delhi, sanctioned the scheme of amalgamation of VEF Information Systems Pvt Ltd. with IEC Education Ltd(formerly IEC Education Limited).The provisional order of which was received on January 19, 2009.

  • Concession Agreement dated 30th January 2009, entered between the Government of Punjab(through Director, Department of Technical Education and Industrial Training) and Vocational Education Foundation & IEC Education Ltd. – Consortium) for the development, financing, operation, maintenance and management of the integrated colleges and polytechnic at Nanowal Vaid, district Hoshiarpur on the Public Private Partnership format .

  • Ensuing Board Meeting to be held on 17th Feb 2009 for allotment of 3260000 equity shares to the shareholders of VEF Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. pursuant to approval of scheme of amalgamation by Hon’ble Delhi High Court.

IEC Group Message

: : CEO Message

Dear All,

I am delighted to present before you, the slight progress,you Company has made in its 14th year of its existence, after a long period of murkiness. Beginning of the Year 2007 was with a dawn of envisioned new milestones to be achieved, new pathways to be followed, new benchmrks to be set, to outlive its own achievements so far.

The entire life journey of IEC Education Limited has moved through various ups and down.Starting from the date of incorporation, the

: : About IEC Group

IEC is one of the premium Computer Training Institutes in the country which has grown immensely from a humble beginning to an established brand in providing quality education.

India Education Centre was an Association of Persons run and managed by Gupta Enterprises, a registered private family trust established on 16th October, 1981 with Mr R.L Gupta and family.

Gupta Enterprises had been engaged in

: : Industry Interface

Education is the only tool in the hands of the poor and middle class Indians to change their fortunes in the capital starved nation.

India has managed to improve literacy rates from 52% in 1991-92 to 67% in 2005. Even the government has now identified education as a focus area to maintain sustainable economic growth and the private sector is coming up with new structures to increase